Specialties and Procedures

Urogical Surgery

The urological division of New York Surgical Specialist Group treats disorders of the male and female urinary tract as well the male reproductive system.

The urologists of New York Surgical Specialist group have developed a reputation for providing quality patient care. They are highly trained in their field and are leaders in using minimally invasive techniques and technologies such as laparoscopic and robotic surgery to treat disorders such as:

Some of procedures performed by our surgeons utilizing the da Vinci robot include:

Kidney stones

Adrenal gland disorders

Difficulty with urinating

Urinary incontinence

Inability to urinate

Sexual dysfunction

Elevated PSA levels

Prostate cancer

Tumors of the kidneys and bladders


We also specialize in laser prostatectomy, and percutaneous renal surgery for kidney stone disease and more.

Robotic Urological Surgery

Robotic surgery has revolutionized diagnosis and treatment in the field of urological surgery. Physicians from our practice have completed and mastered rigorous trainings in robotic-assisted surgery. The da Vinci surgical robot is the state-of- the- art tool utilized by our surgeons to optimize positive outcomes for our patients.

Robotic surgery offers several benefits to our patients such as:

Minimal scarring

Less pain

Faster recovery times

Less risk of wound infection

Fibroids are the most frequently seen tumors of the female reproductive system.

Shorter hospital stays

Less blood loss

A pelvic mass, also known as an ovarian or adnexal mass, is a tissue mass in the adnexa of the uterus.


MRI-Fusion Robotic Prostate Biopsies

Accuracy is always important to our surgeons. A component of accurately diagnosing tumors of the prostate is the ability to efficiently perform biopsies.

Technologies such as MRI as well as robotic surgery enable our surgeons to confidently and precisely obtain samples from highly suspicious areas of the prostate. 3-D imaging is used during MRI-Fusion robotic biopsies and allows greater visibility, when compared to conventional methods of performing biopsies.

This technique also enhances the ability to track and record sites for future reference for diagnosis and management.

NYSS is the only facility in Queens to offer this.


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